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  • "AA" Aircraft Series Units...   Try these handy small units designed for punching holes as close as 3/4" centers in up to 1/8" MS
  • "LP" Series ...                       These Medium Duty Units allow for Bigger Holes on Close Centers. One Design even uses a "Pedestal Die"! No one else has this capability!
  • "HP" Series...                        These Heavy Duty Units pack a lot of stripping power into a small package. Great for punching Angles, Channel, plate up to 1/4" Thick. We even have units to tackle 3/8" and 1/2" mild steel applications!
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  • "LN" Series...
    Unmatched in Design and Performance, these 2 post Notch units offer  Toolset's Exclusive 2 Way Shear as Standard on every unit. For use with up to 10 Ga. MS.
  • "HN" Series...
    For heavier work, these 2 post Notch units offer  Toolset's Exclusive 2 Way Shear as Standard on every unit. For use with up to 1/4" MS.
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The very nature of Unitized Tooling allows it to be used for many applications. Whenever a Custom Tool is needed, Toolset Designers will either adapt the standard tooling or design a totally new unit to meet your needs. Have us quote your application today!
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What is Toolset Unitized Tooling?

   Unitized Tooling is also known as "C-Frame Tooling", "Sub Press Tooling, "Unit Tooling" or "Unipunches".  Whatever you know it as, Unitized Tooling is defined as a Self-Contained, Self-Aligned Punching Unit that is used as an economical alternative to "Hard Dies", Turret Punch Machines and other Single Purpose Machines.

   Unitized Tooling can help your shop make more money.

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